Servants Prayer

Your Servants prayer!

Lord, when my life stood still
I heard everyone footsteps around
Little hearts trouble knocketh my door
I know I seeketh thee and my heart thine own
For I know my trouble not my own to fight
I have the assurance of thine my God
That you provide your help in thine own time
Teach my heart to seek thy face from there Comes my life’s Joy
Come may or go may to thee my Life resounds
Your humble servant fervently submit.


Glimpse of what is to come in Christ!

A believer in Christ, Immensely blessed by the Savior. I have a talent of writing poems, largely i was into secular writing but God has showed me what i can do in Christ. I have started writing a poem, prayer in accordance with how the LORD has lead me in the last few months.

Been through trials and temptation but God has been faithful and helped me to raise from the ashes and placed me on his richest throne. I can say God has the only say in my life and everything is considered nothing in comparison to what he can do to me.

My First writing came as a encouragement to many and i also believe what is come will be a blessing for others to overcome their tough trails.

All Praise, Glory and Honor be to God. Amen.